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Class Photos (Group Shots) : FAQs for Parents


Can I order my Class Photo online?

Due to the nature of group shots, we do not currently put class shots online. Instead, we offer an envelope payments return system.

Our new online ordering system will include classes in the near future.


Can I still order if I have missed the school deadline?

Yes, it is still possible to order after the deadline. Simply post your order form directly to us.

Please include your delivery details and a £4 late surcharge to cover additional costs involved.


It's difficult to write on the proof order form - what should I do?

To ensure that you receive the best possible proof-image, we print your order-form on photographic paper.


If you're finding it difficult to write on the front of the order-form, simply write your order on the reverse side - or use a permanent marker (if you have one to hand).


How long do you keep your images for?

We keep the images in our archives for approximately 3 years. However, if you still have your order forms, by all means get in touch - we are always happy to assist if we can!


Are your image sizes in inches or centimetres?

All our sizes are in inches.

With 6x8" prints, however, some image cropping may occur.

Packs K, L, N will require cutting.


What is your returns policy?

If, for any reason, you're not happy with your final prints, please get in touch as soon as possible - we value your feedback.


We are always happy to offer a reprint. However, if you prefer, we also have a no-quibble returns policy on any purchase made. Simply return your order to the school office and call us for a full refund.


Can I still order if I have lost my form?

It can be tricky for us to identify your child without your order form. However, in the case of class shots - as long as we receive a written order from you that includes the following information, we can still process your order. We require the following details:


  • Child's Name

  • Child's Year and Class

  • Parents contact number

  • Details of which product/s you wish to order 

  • Cash or Cheque payment

Please write all details as clearly as possible, and return to the school office.


How long will it take for my Class Photo to arrive?

Class photos are currently processed as batch orders. Once your order return date has past, we send the batch orders to print in one consignment. This process saves all parents the cost of individual deliveries. 

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