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Promotional Video Production for Education

It's been a challenging couple of years for all schools and colleges - but many have adapted quickly, finding new ways to communicate their message in a unique and compelling way.


Within the education sector, video tours have enabled schools and colleges to communicate their achievements in a safe, effective and affordable manner.

Frequently it costs no more to produce a promotional video than to produce a new school prospectus - and the end result is far more accessible, being available across a wide range of media platforms. Such videos are perfect for busy parents to watch on the go!


Videos can be embedded on your school website's front page or shown during Open Days to create a positive impression of your school's work and achievements.


Your video will create a great first impression that is well received by your target audience and increase the number of prospective parents visiting your school.


In fact, we're frequently told by our clients that parents have specifically mentioned the video we've produced for them during Open Days, citing it as a major reason why they decided to take a closer look at their school or college and in essence, that's what it's all about - job done!

Benefits of our video service:

  • Local service based in South London

  • School specialist provider

  • Filmed and edited by TV professionals

  • Changes included as standard

  • Low-key, unobtrusive filming

  • Option to include photography service

  • DBS Checked

  • Discount for school photography clients

  • Guidance throughout the process

  • A genuinely creative approach to celebrating and marketing your school!

Public School Teaser Promo
Public School - St Lawrence College
Primary School - Childeric
C of E Primary School - St Mark's
Decorating Easter Eggs


Quality on a budget

If your budget is very tight but you’d like to benefit from having a promotional video on your school website - this is the package for you.





Greater Depth and Coverage

This  package is great for schools who want a little more time to communiate their key messages.


It allows for the inclusion of a wider range of shots and contibutions from across the school community.

Prospective parents - prepare to be impressed!



Boy Painter


Take greater control

Flexibility is key to this package. 

You can either opt to have 1 video featuring a great range and depth of contributions - or you can split your total duration into multiple videos.


For instance, you could have a main promotional video and a secondary video focusing on a pet project within the school, such as the environment, healthy eating or citizenship.



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