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Why use London's local School Photography Company?

Local service based in South London

Personal relationship with schools we serve

DBS checked Photographers

"We've dreamt up a different approach to school photography - it's genuinely inclusive of all families and parents love it!"

Our service also offers the following benefits...


We now offer a state-of-the-art, multiple language, online photo ordering service that allows parents to select their chosen images across a range of devices, whether they order via their mobile, tablet, PC or Mac.

Parents can even crop, and edit their images. 

For those customers who are less familiar with making online purchases, we also offer a traditional payment envelope service as standard - offering the best of both worlds.



Whether your individual and sibling shots are taken indoors or outdoors, you're sure of a great result.

Having spoken to many schools, we discovered that many school photography companies wanted to limit schools to indoor shoots only - which we think is a great shame.

Outdoor shoots  offer a beautiful quality of light, so we'd be more than happy to use your outdoor area as a more inspired choice of backdrop.

If you've never seen examples of school individual and sibling shots taken outdoors, you may be surprised

- they look stunning.

Want a sample pack? You can request one here.



- Easing the workflow



School photo days can be very busy affairs, with pupils arriving late, people on school trips, the list goes on...

...with that in mind, you may be relieved to hear that we photograph all our individual and sibling shoots using QR card technology -  it makes workflow a great deal easier for everyone on shoot day - so things can run smoothly on the day.

QR codes help us to track photo orders from the moment the images are taken, to the moment they're handed over to the parent. Making life easier for everyone.

We've loved bringing this technology to our company, and we know that you'll love the simply they offer your school on photo day.



- Offering parents a 

choice of images.


We always encourage children to respond naturally in front of the camera and think this shows in the images we produce.  Our photos look more relaxed and genuine as a result.

We also provide parents with a wide range of poses for both our individual and sibling portraits, via our online ordering system.  Feedback from parents regarding this added choice has been fantastic

- and we know from product sales that parents are often keen to buy a selection of images as a result. 

Additionally, we also offer packages that allow parents to mix-and-match different siblings and poses within the same package. This offers parents much greater flexibility and is something many other providers simply do not offer - so please bear this added flexibility in mind when comparing our service with that of other providers .


Services & Incentives

Nursery Starters packs

Giving newcomers a warm welcome to your school is always a nice touch, building a sense of goodwill from the very start.

Our nursery starter pack enable parents to create, colour and keep a beautifully illustrated poster with an image of their child at it's very heart.

A delightful free gift that all parents will enjoy.

Year 6 Leavers Packs

Saying goodbye to your Year 6 Leavers can be tricky. What should you give them as a memento?


Well, the good news is that we can help you out! Our Year 6 Leavers 'Shield of Friendship Pack' is available to all our schools - and could just provide your school with a great solution to your requirements.


Each pack includes 18 passport-sized images of each child and their friends, and serves as a reminder of the relationships they built along the way - as they prepare for secondary school transfer.

Staff Portraits

Most schools have a staff photo display in their foyer or a selection of staff images on their website - but often they consist of a hotch-potch of images from various years and various photographers.


So why not take the opportunity to update your staff photos this year?


Maybe it's time to have some genuinely flattering staff photos on your wall.


We'd be pleased to help. 

Graduation Portraits

Graduating photos provide a fantastic way of marking the transfer of pupils from one school to the next. A proud moment for everyone at the school.

With this in mind, we offer a graduation photography service to our schools. The resulting images always go down a treat with parents and pupils alike. 

Perhaps it's time to celebrate this achievement at your school.

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